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A sugar cane worker raises his blade with the sun behind him in El Salvador. Unripe coffee beans on a branch in El Salvador. The seweing floor of a garment factory in E lSalvador. Solar panel sits on a tin roof woman giving oral polio vaccine to boy Somali women wait with babies

Our Mission

The Under-Told Stories Project works to expand, sustain and improve coverage of the world outside America in broadcast, print and emerging new media outlets.  Our challenge is to direct American eyes to the daily concerns of far away people who increasingly affect our lives.  We hope to reawaken the generous curiosity of Americans   —our students in particular— about a world we can no longer ignore.

Recent Stories


Feeding India: Back to the Future

About two-thirds of India’s 1.3 billion people live on small subsistence farms, struggling to eke out a living. Many farmers have felt left behind as crops have failed or diminished due to disease, degraded soil and drought. Now thousands are returning to traditional seeds that went out fashion decades ago — an approach that’s gaining attention.

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